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Bringing Compressed Air Service And Support To You. Covering greater Sydney, North and South Coast NSW through to Interstate installations as required

We offer Service and Support for all types and brands of Compressed air and associated equipment backed by over 23 years of industry experience.
Services we offer:
  • Scheduled routine maintenance
  • Compressed air pipework
  • New Air Compressors, Dryers, Filtration, Air Receivers and Ancillary equipment
  • Technical advice and support
  • 24/7 breakdown service

Not limited to the above products and services, if it requires compressed air, we can assist!

Products and Services

415V / 3 Phase Industrial Air Compressors



Pipe Systems

240V Air Compressors

12V Air Compressors

Air Suspension

Air Assist Kits

Ultrasonic Leak Detection




Compressed air is a vital energy source and is used in a wide range of industries

For all your Compressed Air requirements

Air Compressors

Piston and Screw

415V / 3 Phase Air Compressors

  • Industrial Workshop to Commercial Factory use.
  • Piston: 2.2Kw / 3Hp – 15Kw / 20Hp (Up to 11.0 bar)
  • Screw: 4.0Kw / 5.Hp – 75Kw / 100Hp (Fixed or Variable Speed, 7.0 – 13.0 Bar options available)

12V / 24V Air Compressors

  • Vehicle – Air Suspension and Air Assist use.

240V Air Compressors

  • Portable, Stationary and Custom build – Trade or Home use
  • 1.5Kw 10amp – 2.2Kw 15amp

Petrol and Diesel Air Compressors also available!

  • Mobile Trade and Construction use

Air Dryers

Refrigerated and Desiccant

240V & 415V Refrigerated Air Dryers

  • General purpose / Industrial Workshop to Commercial Factory use.
  • Ranging from 21 – 700+ CFM
  • For the removal of moisture content down to a pressure dewpoint of 3oC

Desiccant Air Dryers

  • Specialised applications / Manufacturing and Packaging, Food and Beverage through to Medical and Pharmaceutical.
  • For extremely dry Air requirements with the removal of moisture content down to a pressure dewpoint of -70oC

Air Filtration

Particulate – Coalescing – Activated Carbon

Air Filtration

  • Ranging from 30 – 1450+ CFM Capacity
  • For the removal of solid particle, liquids in droplet form including Water and Oil through to remaining Oil content in Vapour form and Odours
  • When Air filtration and Air Dryer are combined, compressed air is suitable for a wide range of applications, requirements and air quality standards.

Pipe Systems and Installations

Complete Pipe system supply and Installation including all compressed air equipment

Pipe Systems – Authorised Distributor of ‘Infinity Pipe Systems’

  • Aluminium Pipe sizes ranging from 20mm – 110mm with Maximum flow rate ranging from 62 – 3531 CFM @ 7.0 Bar and a Maximum pressure of 15.0 Bar
  • Compressed Air Pipe (Blue)
  • Nitrogen Air Pipe (Green)
  • Vacuum Air Pipe (Grey)
  • For Interconnecting compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen equipment. Factory Ring main and drop points to air outlets and pneumatic equipment.
  • Nickle Plated Brass Pipe connectors, elbows and Tee’s. For the complete range of available Infinity fittings and all specifications see Brochure.
  • Stainless Steel coming soon!

Installations – Authorised Installer of ‘Infinity Pipe Systems’

  • Complete compressed air equipment and pipe system installation
  • New or existing equipment installation
  • Pipe system upgrades or rework.
  • Cable tray Installation
  • Scissor lift work
Ask us about Leak Detection. Air leaks mean wasted energy and the cost of generating this energy is only going up!
Enquire now about ‘Infinity Pipe Systems’ to see how we can help keep costs down and make your system more energy efficient!

Air Suspension and Air Assist Kits

Performance and offroad Air Suspension and Air Assist kits

Air Suspension

  • Distributing Boss Air Suspension / Air Lift / Air Ride / Air Flex – Front and Back Struts / Bags
  • Kits to suit Aus, Jap, Euro and USA vehicles


  • PSI works along side ProFab Mechanical Services for the highest of quality installations where workmanship is second to none!

Air Assist / Load Assist

  • Distributing Boss Air Suspension / Bag kits and accessories
  • Kits to suit a wide range of vehicles.
  • Onboard compressor kits
  • Air Management systems
Enquire for product availability and how we can assist you!

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